Create a strong social media presence

If you are trying to get reach on the internet and you don't have a Facebook page, LinkedIn account, Google+ page and Twitter username, shame on you! All of these provide absolutely free listings on websites with extremely high Google page rankings. They're the most significant social media websites on the web. If you have a business you can also get a business page on these sites that links to your individual profile. Even when you don't have time to "work" these websites to their fullest, there is link juice available from even the most horrible fan profiles.

A better method is to get in the social media arena and pick one or two of these to construct pages and initiate a communication with others who are already comfortable using this vehicle.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,… You should be there, and let everyone know that you are. Make connections, talk to people, and they will start talking about your website if it’s good. Your website should reflect that and display buttons so that visitors can easily connect with you.

Social media button integration is just as easy as pretty much everything else on the website builder. Again, no need to focus on the technical side and waste time, just work on your social media networking.