How to promote your website the smart way

Make sure Google can detect you

It may sound ridiculous, but some websites are totally unknown because they technically prevent the search engines to find them. Make sure it’s not the case. You’ll still have to build your website strategically, for example by choosing the right URL structure, but your life will be much easier and your work more productive.

Have a content strategy

SEO doesn’t work like it used to, keyword stuffing and tricky tactics will not lead you anywhere anymore. You’ll need to have ideas to regularly create content to promote.

Directory Listings.

Search for free company rosters and see what comes up. Tons and I mean loads, of websites that allow you to list your business or site for absolutely no cost. Why? Because their financial models are typically based upon the up-sell, see that, the premium listing. Oh you get the basics free of charge, but what you really prefer is the one that allows you to load pictures, videos, and the longer, expanded version recap. The good part is, nearly all of the free versions will list your site link, and this helps individuals discover you and your internet backlink method.

Create a strong social media presence

If you are trying to get reach on the internet and you don't have a Facebook page, LinkedIn account, Google+ page and Twitter username, shame on you! All of these provide absolutely free listings on websites with extremely high Google page rankings. They're the most significant social media websites on the web. If you have a business you can also get a business page on these sites that links to your individual profile. Even when you don't have time to "work" these websites to their fullest, there is link juice available from even the most horrible fan profiles.

A better method is to get in the social media arena and pick one or two of these to construct pages and initiate a communication with others who are already comfortable using this vehicle.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,… You should be there, and let everyone know that you are. Make connections, talk to people, and they will start talking about your website if it’s good. Your website should reflect that and display buttons so that visitors can easily connect with you.

Social media button integration is just as easy as pretty much everything else on the website builder. Again, no need to focus on the technical side and waste time, just work on your social media networking.

Email marketing

Probably the most important tip in this blog post. Many marketers give you this advice first, start building a list right away when you start a new website. Email marketing allows you to get right into your visitors inbox, without annoying them if you want to create a relationship with your subscribers. For sending a message through, newsletters are still one of the most efficient tools.