We understand that not all social media channels necessarily provide the right platform for your company’s requirements. We establish the best social platform for your business by combining our analysis and research with our wealth of experience.

Most Popular Social Networking Sites

According to latest reports, an average man spends 15 minutes a day in Social Media websites (facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.). It has become a major social place where people share their ideas and thoughts. There comes the importance of Social Media Marketing where we can create and administrate your official facebook business page.

Our way of facebook page administration includes:

1. Custom Designed Posts
2. Daily Posts
3. Maximum Likes
4. Regular Report
5. One Month Time period

Official facebook page administration is not only to create a page and post something, but it should be Creative, Informative, Communicative and Interactive with its fans. It helps to improve the brand name promotion.

Steps that we plan to increase traffic in Company’s facebook page:

1. To make it professional with quality posts and proper administration.
2. Posts will be based on Company’s mission & vision.
3. Then to make it popular among facebook users we will start campaigns related to the subject.
4. To reach this page to targeted people with targeted age group & region we can promote using facebook sponsored ads wisely.
5. With your support we can design and implement large scale contest for people interaction which hits the targeted people.

Facebook or LinkedIn.Social advertising has grown enormously in popularity over the last few years. These ads combine text and display elements and are targeted based on user preferences, demographics, and location. Depending on your business type, both Facebook and LinkedIn are valid options to consider.